The Necroscope

By far, one of my favorite books with vampires in it has to be The Necroscope by Brian Lumley. At first glance it seems this book is way too complicated to get involved in - but after the first chapter I was hooked.

This story is centered around two boys, Harry and Boris. Harry is a boy that lives in England that has near superhuman abilities including talking to the dead. Boris is a young man of Russian descent that stumbles upon a vampire of the name Thibor Ferenczy.

In vampire that is chained and buried and is really very weak. He feeds off of the information from Boris and in a way he guides Boris in his life choices, all in the pretense of rising again.

In later years Harry joins a British spy organization where all its members have some sort of power or ability and Boris is a part of the U.S.S.R. version of the same. These two factions are constantly behind the scenes fighting and defending all unbeknown to the general public.

The vampire Thibor tries to give his seed to Boris so that he can go on but Boris kills it using another persons powers - then it gets a little crazy. Boris has gone a little crazy it seems to me and he later kills the head of the British special spy organization which results in setting off a serious confrontations between him and Harry.

Harry's powers have become so strong and so powerful they can't even be imagined. It almost seems they are infinite and he storms upon the compound where Boris is hiding. It seems the site of the compound was once a ancient battleground and since Harry can "deadspeak" he asks all of the dead to rise and join him in battle - needless to say the Russian soldiers are freaked at the sight of their enemy and the battle is swiftly lost.

Boris has been using his powers of necromancer (taught to him by the vampire) and he is a worthy opponent of Harry. And the vampire lies stuck in neither the dead or the undead... waiting and plotting release and revenge. Harry may think the battle of the evil vampires died with Boris but he is wrong....

This book is just the first in a multiple book series that I just couldn't put down. The vampires are both revolting in who they are and intriguing for those same reasons too. I would suggest you read Necroscope because once you start you will chase down every other book in the Necroscope Series just like I did.

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"Blood is the life." -- Brian Lumley, Necroscope