The Night World - L. J. Smith

The Night World series consists of 10 books, the first three were out years ago and the finale is to be released sometime next year. Yes, the author is the same as the Vampire Diaries, but this series has a more classic and simple approach by L.J. Smith. I actually came across the book on one of the BookSale days tables - I bought the 1st one and got hooked and later got the 2nd one the next week.

Each book contains 3 different but intertwined stories. The remarkable one would be the first story about a vampire named James Rasmussen and his human best friend (ever since the world began) named Poppy.

Later Poppy contracted a form of cancer that has around a 2% cure rate, so the only solution James had was to turn her into a vampire.

The second story is about three Vampire sisters (they kind of remind me of the Charmed TV show sisters) who got tired of their vampire way of life. They set out for a far away town and were hunted by their devilishly handsome older brother Ash (which is part of the first story) but as he finds them he met his Soulmate ( a human) and fell in love.

This story does not have a very happy ending in bitten reality but then no need to worry because in the third installment they are mentioned in a way that a hopeless romantic like me would be satisfied. And the third story (one of my favorites) is about 2 cousins, one is good and the other one is not so good, they are both witches. Such is the case in many of The Night World books.

Here LJ weaves the whole vampire-witch story into a story that you might believe that is really the case (a story that vampires are descendants of a witch that tried very hard to be immortal - and she found a way to do it, which is to be a vampire). This story is really interesting, and, of course, one of the cousins found her Soulmate (also a human).

You will be reading a story of a very old vampire (but of course he looks like he is only around 18 and is very handsome) who waits hundreds and hundreds of years for his soulmate to be reincarnated, a vampire hunter falling for a vampire, a vampire lamia (purebred) who discovers she is only halfblood, the prince of vampires and many other wonderfully written tales.

Basically the stories in The Night World books revolve around vampires, witches and shape shifters and also following an old belief which is finding their only mate in life, which is their Soulmates. The series revolves around the Soulmate principle and the discovering of Wild Powers which will fight the nearing destruction of the world, and the finale would be finding the last Wild Power, I am eagerly still waiting for it though it has been years.

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" Perfect! Just perfect! Just burn the place! Burn everything we own! Have us sleeping in the field like cattle!" -- Lestat, Interview with the Vampire