The Only Vampire to Roam the Sky During the Day

by Tommy

The vampire character that I have in my mind is called Vamp. He was born as a love child to Dracula and one of the maidens in the village he haunted.

Dracula, while pillaging the village one night, met this beautiful maiden and he couldn't control himself. And the result was a child half human - half vampire.

Vamp grew up as a vampire who could be out in the sun as well as roam around at night due to his half human nature. But the same reason gives him a consciousness when it comes to attacking humans.

His early days were uneventful as his mom knew what her son actually was, so she took care not to bring out the evil in him. Replacing wine for blood and animals for his killing spree, she tried to bring out more of the human in him.

It all ended one day when Count Dracula visited the village again to take back his son. He was the sole heir of the Count's castle and he alone could take Dracula as a father.

Unknowing that a part human vampire is not devoid of compassion he harbors vamp in his castle. As vamp grew up he began hating his father's way of life and decided it was time to move on. But his father insisted on him staying as only he could take over Dracula's castle.

Unaware of the fact that his son is a mutant and he can be exposed to sunlight Dracula warns him that he will be exposed if he ever thought of going out. Being brought up and told sunlight was bad for him, Vamp felt scared to these threats and he obeyed his father.

Meanwhile he was in his adolesence and he met another beautiful vampiress named Katrina. Once they were having fun in the forest and after a while fell asleep in each others arms.

The sun rose up, and while Katrina felt the scorching heat, Vamp couldn't feel anything. This intrigued Katrina as she knew there was something different about Vamp.

Urging him to tell about his past he poured out his story to the details of whatever his mom told him. The thought of all the differences he had urged him to meet his mother.

He goes at once to the village only to find she is in the church. As he enters the church he regains his human form and he is unable to change to a vampire. His mom explains that he was a child born to a vampire and a human and that he is different compared to others.

This enrages him as his father pushed him to accept the throne. They dual each other and in the middle something terrible happens. His father is brought out into the open and he dies as the sunlight touched his skin.

Vamp, overcome by grief, leaves the castle never to return. Meanwhile somewhere else a vampire slayer hunts for the only vampire to roam the sky during the day and his only weakness being silver bullets.

Will they meet? who will win this fight?

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