The Twilight Series

by Gayle
(GA, US)

By now everyone has heard of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series. But, what if you haven't? Who is Bella Swan and Edward Culens? Why are teens and moms alike flocking to see the movies and read the books?

These questions can only be answered by one means - a quick survey of the series and a tease to possibly get you hooked along with the millions of readers and fans. And there are loads of places online to hone up on your Twilight info.

Characters include: Bella Swan, broody teenager, outcast and all around typical small town girl. Hiding behind her long, brown locks is a girl with nothing to hide - or fear - until she met Edward Cullen.

Everyone has their versions of vampires. Stephenie Meyer's has her own take on them too. Sure they bite and love blood, sure they prefer doom and gloom over sunshine and daisies. But, they glitter too.

No, I am not kidding! Edward and his family glitter in the daylight - well, let me rephrase - their skin glitters in the sunlight. That is why they prefer the sleepy, rain riddled town of Forks, Washington.

Though there are four (4) books to the collection, and my personal favorite has to be New Moon. Finally the wolves, (I did mention the werewolves aka the local Native American Tribe, didn't I?) get their share of the spotlight and the characters grow and become something more than teenagers with hormone issues.

This books has everyone facing their fears, the new bad guys and new problems. Bella and Edward face their own trials as one leaves and the other grows into their own maturity. Bella's friends are more intertwined in this portion of the saga.

If you think you have known everything about vampire love stories, read these despite all you hear. The movies, as always, are never as good as the books. But there are several books in the Twilight Series, and all of them have there strong points. So check them out when you can!

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