The Vampire in My Dreams

by Milo

too scary for words and afraid to dream

too scary for words and afraid to dream

My Idea of vampire of is one with two teeth protruding, feared by humans for the very sight of their beak like noses, and their tell tale broom for their travel from place to place. And the appearance also is of importance. There always is a ‘PHOOF’ along with smoke and accompaniment of bats, that too in too many numbers.

If this is not frightening to you, then there is a eerie sound of ‘yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeooow, fox and owls shrieking in the background. There is no question of what type is the vampires. There is only one type the bad one: always feared by the humans, particularly kids.

There is no limitation of imagination as to how fast and how far the vampires can travel. They are out of the imagination of human beings. From this side of sea to that side, or from this black castle to the next more frightening black castle, they can cross in a jiffy. That is by the time you wink an eye, ‘phoof’ the vampire is here and you are done with.

Always there is a possibility of vampire taking you, literally for a ride, in the legendary broom, of course to frighten you more, and later put you in a cell, a dark one. And no prize for guessing that your companions in the cell are rats (white ones for a change), owls perching on the window hooting now and then.

The cold touch you have own your feet, nothing but the rats nibbling as if you are their dinner and you are little late today. There is no question of escaping by answering wisely, the three questions, as it happens with angels. Here you are done with if you are in the spell of the Vampires.

The best vampires are the one that changes its form, always to trap the innocent like me. They may look like the girl or boy next door, and the curious (always) side of me just touch the candy or hamburger the girl or boy offer, bingo, there is again a big ‘phoof’ and in the next moment there comes the vampire. From a innocent looking neighborhood friend, transformed into a vampire in all aspects.

The Halloween characters i make out for the school skit is a real imagination, of the vampires. The more gaudy and sinister looking your costume the better the vampire will be. But they make some good bed time stories, among other stories of Spiderman, he-man, phantom and mandrake the magician.

A good Halloween party makes your holiday merrier. Finally, vampires help in some aspect as well. It helps to take wings for the imagination power in me. A visit to the legendary castle far away across the seven seas - the vampire is the sinister host I hope never to meet.

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Dec 26, 2011
where are you from
by: Anonymous

Just where are you from man? Your story makes me wonder just exactly that just because of the way you phrased your tale.

Oct 14, 2011
by: Peter

Great information here! You have done an excellent job of providing loads of vampire inspired ideas for many people - especially right here at halloween time.

Sep 27, 2011
well done Milo
by: Jared

I liked your story a lot - especially the sound effects you described - made me laugh a little when I read it

thanks man

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