The Vampire Lestat

Have you heard of The Vampire Lestat? Vampires are not really human. Their transformation is not about fitting in, but about feeding and survival. Vampires emerge from the night shadows just like butterflies emerge from their crystallized cocoon.

Anonymity is an essential factor for vampires - just as much as the hunt and feeding on human blood. Like the wolves, you won't see them coming. They'll hide in the darkness, watching and brooding, patient, wanting.

The kill is swift, silent, poetic. They follow the moon as others follow the sun. When you encounter one, you'll be immediately transfixed, inspired and even fearful.

There is only one vampire character that fits the above definition, and that was written by the great author, and one of my absolute favorites, Anne Rice. It was about the vampire Lestat. If you ask me he is the definition of the vampire incarnate. He's spoiled, gifted, brash, brazen, wealthy and also quite beautiful (and he knows it too).

If you've ever seen the movie Interview With the Vampire, or read the novel, then you know that Lestat does not hide his identity. In fact, he practically flaunts it! The man (if you want to call him that) is so hungry for the blood, he'll lie, cheat and steal for a trickle of it.

Fans of Lestat are true to the character, true to his design, mind, body and spirit. And if you want to become Lestat, then Halloween is the perfect opportunity. Halloween is always fun, because I can become the one person I KNOW I can pull off, easily. My attitude can be soooo like Lestat while in costume: Diva, Diva, Diva!!!

Costumes are never easy to find, especially if you're looking for clothing from the 18th and 19th century. I can't just look like Lestat.... I have to BE The Vampire Lestat (weird, I know, but this is how hard core vampire fans are!) His clothing was clean and aristocratic. He wore colorful suits, frilly shirts loaded down with lace, long bright jackets that oozed Parisian style (since he is French you know).

His blond locks are long, but I may tweak the style just a little, instead of blond, I will wear my natural brown hair, ringlet extensions shoulder length and tied back with a stylish silk bow. Most costume stores will not have the 18th century parisian outfit, so you may have to be creative.

To make my perfect Lestat costume, what I do is to shop around at outlet stores like the Salvation Army. About a month or so before Halloween, they will have donated costumes on display, and some of these are antique, the real deal even. I also search online because most online costume retailers will have what I'm looking for, but you'll be shelling out a lot of dough for it.

Being a stylish vampire is quite the experience, and I encourage all you partiers to give dressing like Lestat a try... he's unique and quite the little devil... another reason I simply love The Vampire Lestat!

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"Your body's dying. Pay no attention, It happens to us all." -- Lestat, Interview with A Vampire