Twilight the Book

One of my favorite vampire books is Twilight the book. The Twilight movie came out just a few years ago and it has 2 sequels called New Moon and Eclipse which are also really good (both books and movies). Breaking Dawn, the last installment of the Twilight Book series, should be coming out as a 2 part movie soon - with part 1 by the end of 2011.

Twilight the book is the first in a vampire series written by Stephanie Myers (one of my favorite new authors.) Twilight is about this pale, ordinary girl named Isabella - Bella for short - who recently moved to a rainy little town in Washington state called Forks to live with her father who she hadn't really seen since she was a little girl because her parents got divorced several years back.

She was the new girl in school but made friends fairly quickly even though she was pretty much anti-social. She eventually falls in love with this extremely handsome boy who saved her life named Edward Cullen. At the time she didn’t know he was a vampire, but she did have suspicions because he had super strength, speed, and he was always cold.

Plus there had been several attacks lately and a lot of people had turned up dead. She believed at first that Edward and his family, the Cullen's (Alice, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Jasper) might be responsible for these attacks but she later found out that it was another clan of vampires that were responsible for these new murders.

The Cullen's weren’t like other vampires. Instead of feeding off human blood, they quenched their thirst with animals’ blood. Many of the Cullen's had special powers; Alice could see the future, Jasper could calm people down, and Edward could read minds. Well, he could read everyone’s mind that is … except Bella’s. Additionally, Emmett was really strong and Rosalie was super beautiful.

In Twilight the Book, the smell of Bella's blood was irresistible to Edward and he was fascinated with the way that she seemed to be unaffected by his power. It was forbidden for vampires and humans to be in love because it meant risking exposing the entire Vampire race, but Edward just couldn’t help himself. Many times he tried to turn Bella away, but they were both in too deep. It was like she was a helpless sheep and he was a lion.

They faced many trials and tribulations during the series and at one point Bella even starts falling for another guy, who happens to be as cute as Edward (in New Moon, the 2nd novel in the Twilight series). His name is Jacob and he is a member of a local Indian tribe who also happen to be very aware of the existence of vampires.

For a moment it seems like Edward and Bella might really be over, but it seems that they were meant to be together so they eventually pull through. This is absolutely one of the best vampire novels written in the past 10 years - just ask any teenage girl and they'll tell you the same.

In fact, it’s a pretty good movie too. Why? Because millions of people, especially teenage girls, think so, and it has become so incredibly popular! So love it or leave it, it is one of the most popular vampire series of the past 20 years. It will have you on the edge of your seat and begging it not to end. My niece recently told me, "it seems so real in many ways, minus the vampires".

The only thing that really takes away from Twilight the book, I thought, is the fact that the vampires seem to wear glitter when they’re out in the sunlight. When I read the book I was expecting something spectacular to happen when they were exposed to the sun, but here they are "wearing" glitter! I thought to myself… WHOA! Interesting twist.

Anyway, other than that little detail, this is one of the best vampire books that I have read recently even though it is aimed at a much younger audience than myself - and I have read A LOT of vampire books. Twilight is good, and if you are a teenage female, then you will definitely love it! And if you are a teenage girl, then I can bet that you will want to read it over and over again. And all the others in the Twilight the book series as well!

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"It was just how close you were. Most humans instinctively shy away from us, are repelled by our alienness… I wasn’t expecting you to come so close. And the smell of your throat." -- Edward Cullen, Twilight