Ultraviolet the Movie

Another of my favorite vampire movies is Ultraviolet the Movie, written by Kurt Wimmer and starring the incredibly talented (and sexy) Milla Jovovich. The vampires in this movie are actually humans infected with a disease, and are known as “hemophages”.

The hemophages are super strong, super fast, and have enhanced senses. The only problem is that they have an average lifespan of 12 years after the date of infection.

Of course, the humans do not like the hemophages, and would like to destroy them. The hemophages however do not want to be destroyed, and fight back, starting a war known as “The Blood War.”

This is all happening in a utopian vision of the future, to complete the sci fi themes of the movie. The title character, Violet, was infected during the start of the Blood War. 12 years later, Violet works for the hemophage side of the war, after the government aborted her child against her wishes.

Just like Milla Jovovich’s character, Alice, in Resident Evil, Violet in Ultraviolet the Movie is extremely bad ass. She fights with a sword and guns to steal a briefcase from the government, inside of which is a human child. The hemophages tell her to kill the child, as he is a secret government weapon designed to destroy all hemophages so that the humans will win the Blood War. Violet refuses, and runs from the hemophages. Now, she is on her own with the boy (named “Number Six”, as he is the sixth clone to be made before the weapon was functional), and must escape both the hemophages and the human government. (SPOILERS!)

However, soon Violet discovers the truth about Number Six: He is not a weapon that will destroy all hemophages, but actually caries a virus that will kill all humans. This is because the leader of the totalitarian human government, named Daxus, is actually a hemophage.

Violet now decides to kill anyway, because although she is a hemophage, she still has a fondness for humans, especially Number Six, who she thinks of as her son that was stolen from her. (END SPOILER).

This Ultraviolet Movie may seem like a standard sci fi action movie, just with vampires added in, and maybe it would be if not for the amazingly designed city, awesomely choreographed battles, and Amazing acting. Definitely a cool vampire movie and one you should check out when you have the chance.

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