Underworld Movie

I absolutely love the Underworld Movie! It is full of vampires! And many of the vampires in this movie - they are also excellent and highly trained warriors ready to fight at a moments notice.

Additionally, as we all know, vampires roam about after sunset only as they are very sensitive to sunlight which can destroy them most probable leaving them to ashes. Vampires are said to be undead beings that suck blood from living beings to survive. They have fangs that enables them to get hold of their victims neck through which they would draw blood.

All this knowledge about vampires that we already have leads us to an expectation of what this vampire film will be about long before we see it. So this movie is almost entirely shown in shades of blues and greys.

"Underworld", as I've said before, is one of my favorite vampire movies of all time and I watch it every time I find it on TV. It is something close to an epic. It concentrates on the war between vampires and lycans which are commonly known as werewolves - however in this case lycans have gained the ability over time to change from human to werewolf and back, at will. A true werewolf cannot do this.

The vampires in the Underworld movie are an ancient class. As it turns out, these particular vampires have been descended from Marcus, son of Alexander Corvinus while werewolves have come from William, the brother of Marcus.

Both of them expanded their clans by infecting humans with their bites - either vampire or wolf. Werewolf William was unruly and could not be tamed. So Marcus decides to hold him captive so as to reduce the damage. This he does with the help of a dying warlord by the name of Vicktor by turning him and his entire army into vampires.

William is locked away but the damage was done. Werwolves emerged and reproduced in numbers. Lycans were those werewolves that could transform from human form, back to werewolves at will. Lucian being the first of their kind, and also the leader of the Lycans. Lucian and other Lycans were captured by Vicktor and used to guard the castle grounds.

War broke out when Vicktor's daughter Sonja, who was Lucian’s love, was killed by Vicktor just for the sake of loving Lucian. The present day shows the progress of the war when both sides try to get their hands on the only human descendant from Alexander Corvinus to get to the ultimate power.

Marcus, Victor and Amelia are the elders in the vampire clan and each take turns in ruling the clan while the other two hibernate. Lycans are headed by Lucian. Selene, our heroine, played by Kate Beckinsale, is Victors adopted daughter and a warrior who hunts her enemies, the Lycans throughout the entire Underworld Movie.

However, as it turns out, the human Selene comes to guard ends up becoming a hybrid vampire and lycan cross when he is bitten by both species. Michael, the human turned into a vampire/lycan hybrid becomes much powerful than either of the species. Selene comes to love Michael as the epic war, their love story and all incredible events of the Underworld Movie, turns and twists unfold right before our eyes!

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