Vamp the Movie

Have you seen Vamp the Movie? The name of this vampire movie is called Vamp. It's about two friends, Keith and Vic, who go out looking for strippers for their fraternity. They don't have much money, so they decide to go to the sleaziest part of town. And then they choose the sleaziest of bars with one of the most bizarre acts anyone has ever seen.

Now on their way there, they have car issues and stop off at a diner. While there they happen to piss a few locals off and accidentally destroy their vehicles in the process. This is the part in the comedy when they actually find the bar and decide to go inside.

It just so happens that this bar is actually a hangout for the undead, and the stripper they're gazing over is the head vampire and uses the staff to bring in dinner for her. That's where the zaniness beings, as it turns into a Benny Hill like skit with everyone running away, avoiding the vampires.

Now one of the waitresses in the bar, played by the beautiful Deedee Pfeiffer, actually knows Keith from a prior engagement. So she joined them both, Keith and Vic, as they run for their lives.

This movie was made in the 80's and it's your typical 80's movie. Filled with outrageous outfits and hair, very awesome scenery shots with the neon lights in the backgrounds. I didn't even get into the music, but it's very typical of the time period.

Especially when it comes to 80's horror movies, you get a very nice dose of regular music and synth music too. It's quite the memorable piece, especially in the bar. This really goes back to the theme of being sleazy. The music sets the tone nicely, that this probably isn't the best place to be in the middle of nowhere.

Adding to the background there are trashy women all over the place - bikers, and just plain strange individuals too. You don't know anyone but anything is likely to happen, especially with all the looks you get.

This is one movie that I can really see influencing both Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarentino - especially for the film, From Dusk till Dawn. Now that movie may have seen the bigger picture audience and possibly toyed with subject matter better, but Vamp the Movie is just a very low budget, 80's comedy horror flick, that has a lot of heart in it.

Overall it's nothing special - it's not going to turn heads but it's a memorable movie in it's own way. With Halloween coming up soon and this being released again, I give it a high recommendation for those of you that are 80's film lovers and, especially, those of you who are horror hounds.

I'm forgetting one valuable piece to this movie. The donger. In true 80's fashion, this movie stars Gedde Watanabe. Who, aside from Grace Jones, is the highlight of the movie. He's hilarious and highly out of place wearing a suit straight out of Miami Vice. Like I said, Vamp the Movie, highly recommended - at least once.

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