Vampire Diaries, My Favorite Vampire Books

by Chryssie
(Reno, NV)

The article is about the “Vampire Diaries” which is a series of 8 books written by L.J.Smith. It is a young adult vampire series in which Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert plays the leading role.

In the first series, THE AWAKENING, it deals with Elena as a college going student where as Stefan is 500 year old vampire. Stefan has a dirty past of Katherine (vampire girlfriend) who resembles Elena.

The story starts with Elena sharing her feelings of her lost parents to a diary and going to college after a long break. She was much attracted to Stefan’s outlook and personality. Both started to love each other without Elena knowing the truth that Stefan is a vampire.

In the mean time Damon (Stefan’s brother) enters the scene and he also develop a soft corner for Elena as he also loved Katherine. The story continues about Stefan and Damon love with Katherine. Katherine also joins the present scene when there is a story about Moon Stone which gives more power.

The tricks played by Katherine to get Stefan from Elena are kind of interesting. And finally the original vampires enter the story and they want the blood of topagiana (Elena) to get the powers. Damon and Stefan try to protect Elena as much as they can.

But Stefan caught in hold by the original vampire (Klaus) while saving Damon. Klaus took control over Stefan and they start hunting humans. The book also says about the Werewolves whose blood is also needed to be used to get the power.

The original vampire Klaus is a hybrid. He is a werewolf cum vampire. He wants to create an army of hybrids to service him. He attacked Taylor and made him a hybrid. This is not liked by Caroline (Taylor’s vampire girlfriend).

After caught a hold on Stefan, Topogaina (Elena), werewolf (Taylor), they searched for the Witch (Bonnie) who is Elena’s best friend. After all procedure, Klaus tried to execute the plan which was destroyed by his brother and Damon. Elena escaped from Klaus and the plot continues with the introduction of new characters.

The story takes places in the Mystic falls were the Salvatore brothers born and brought up. It mainly deals with the love that Stefan and Elena share and the struggle hey face with the original vampires, werewolves and witches.

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