Vampire Myths and Legends

Vampire myths and legends vary so much from story to story and country to country that it makes it a very intriguing character to read about. In fact, vampire myths around the world abound in many different and interesting ways.

The Vampire itself is probably one of the most enduring myths in both pop culture and mythology. Unlike other supernatural creatures that are often products of anger, rage or vengeance, the vampire is solely rooted in lust and desire.

The highly sexual element of the vampire is probably exactly what makes it the most popular mythological creature to this day.

Recently there has been a resurgence of vampire facts and myths in popular media. Movies like Twilight glorify the vampires tortured soul, and paint them as cursed beings. These movies, and often some vampire anime too, sympathize with the weaknesses of the vampire such as the loneliness of immortality and having to live on the fringes of society. They completely try to veer away from the actual danger that the vampire ultimately embodies.

Before that though, the vampire was a more intimidating and feared creature. The vampires of Anne Rice were both ravenous killers and sympathetic martyrs. These types of vampires hated their plight but rarely did they deviate from the nature of vampirism. When they did give up their bloodlust driven ways, it was always only temporary.

Although her vampires are gothic romantic characters, we never forget that they are at the heart of it immortal creatures reborn after the death with one purpose, and one purpose alone: to kill. Vampire myths and legends were well represented in the novels of Anne Rice. She also described the terrible and painful transformation of both the body, soul and mind of the vampire in great detail. Not just in the transitional phase between human and undead, but as they age and begin to bear the burden of their curse harder.

Dracula is, of course, the vampire that started it all. Before his birth in the annals of literary history, the vampire was nothing more than a piece of folk lore. Vampire myths and legends were merely heresay passed along from person to person before Dracula's birth. A character - something alluded to in fictions such a “Carmilla” but never fully recognized as a fearsome and leading corporeal figure.

Dracula gave the creature a name and a face. It gave him a character to identify with. He was romantic, dangerous, deadly and cunningly irresistible. He lived in his castle in a faraway eastern European land. He had his harpies and minions, and held a certain thrall over all those who came into contact with him.

And if you think about it carefully, take into consideration how Dracula’s temptation of Mina and Lucy was both exciting and incredibly risqué - especially when you think about the exact point in time when it was originally written. He broke social taboos, and brought to the world a creature that can still be recognized by only one word to this day. In fact, Dracula is a near perfect synonym for vampire.

This year when Halloween rolls around, you can be sure that, as I always do, I will be dressed as my dear Dracula. Creating his costume is a special tradition to me, and I have quite a few costumes hiding in my closet from Halloweens before. There is harlot Dracula, indie Dracula, and classic Dracula. My love for vampires makes Halloween my favorite holiday, as I get to indulge in all things vampire without coming off as just a little strange.

Now in order to dress like Dracula there are a few things you will need: A long black coat with high upturned collar, false vampire teeth, long press on nails, and a seriously creepy Transylvanian accent. Dracula is an iconic vampire in folklore, and is recognized by his coat and upturned collar. In Vampire myths and legends he is legend - one of a kind - the first. If you make sure to do the makeup as a vampire, you can create several outfits centered around Dracula. As long as you bare your teeth and rock the collar!

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"You’re monopolizing the bride. Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last chance to make her blush." -- Emmett Cullen, Twilight Breaking Dawn

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