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Vampire Quotes? Yes, we are gathering a large collection of quotes here from various books, some of the top movies and even a few of my favorite creature TV shows. Many of these in character gems are definitely favorites of mine - some are quite funny, some are quite dark but all of them will definitely reveal a bit of their own personality.

So to make it easier for you here I will divide all the quotations up by the work in which they appeared - be it a TV show, novel or movie.

So hopefully this will make your experience here much happier and easier too when you are looking through all of these notable quips.

And I have to admit right up front, if you are in the mindset for humorous quotes, then you will do no better than those that appeared in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show and in the Angel TV show too (both shows from Joss Whedon). Both have some of the best dialogue found in modern TV if you ask me.

And if you want related quotes from other sources, hey, that's no problem. We will list as many of them as we can find to our ever growing list below. So have fun browsing through all the great vampy goodness below.

Enjoy these funny, funny Damon Salvatore quotes via this video:

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Interview With the Vampire

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"[Lestat follows a trail of bloody dead rats to a tunnel] All I need to find you Louis, is follow the corpses of rats." -- Lestat, Interview with the Vampire

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