Vampire Baby Names

Many fans of horror films often look for Vampire Baby Names to select from fpr when they have children of their own. These lists of names also make great choices to choose from for people who have pets or are looking for a pen name or maybe even need a name for a character they plan on becoming for Halloween or some other event.

Maybe you are creating your own work of some type - maybe a novel, or a piece of artwork, maybe even some sort of game, videos or maybe even a few bloodcurdling songs.

Who knows why you may need these names, but when you want them, you want them - so we plan on adding as many characters of the genre here as we can.

And we plan on doing better than the plain old lists of names that you can find all over the web that may, or may not be, of an actual vampire character, but we plan on cataloging actual character names from various supernatural resources such as a movies, series on tv and even books.

So this list will change often as it grows. And here's a few tips on the best way to use it.

Names will be listed only based on the TV series, book or the movie in which they appeared. And we may even list a few human characters too of those series - if they were really, really good and important to the story.

So, we'll do our best to get them all, but if we do miss a few names, hey, we're sorry. Listen, we're only human after all ;) So have fun looking through all the choices below, and I hope you find several good ones you can live with.

Vampire Character Names

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Names

Buffy cast members

Angel the Vampire TV Show Names

Angel Vampire cast

True Blood Vampire Names

True Blood Names

Twilight Vampire Names


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