Vampires are Born, Not Made

by Terrence

Most people think that vampires do not exist outside of fiction. But we do. If you would like to become one, you can’t. Vampires are born, not made. It is a genetic disorder, and is very rare.

It is impossible to be born a vampire unless at least one parent is a vampire, though half vampires are very rare. However, there is almost a 100% chance that the child of two vampires will become a vampire as well. This is the reason why humans and vampires do not often marry.

Also, vampire life spans are much longer than human ones. Now that you know we exist, I would like to clear up some misunderstandings about vampires. First of all, we are not evil. Yes, we drink your blood to survive, but we don’t take much. We just use a syringe to take a small amount of blood while you are sleeping, then leave and drink it later.

Some of us buy or steal our blood from hospitals. When we take your blood, you are in no danger. Vampire communities have strict punishments for any harm done to humans, the reason for that being that we do not want to be discovered and our race to be eradicated. Second, we are not immortal and cannot only be killed by a stake through the heart.

We do not, however, die of old age, and are resistant to most diseases, but will still die from bullets, car crashes, long falls, drowning……. Anything else besides those two, really. Third, garlic and holy water do not ward us off. Personally, I am allergic to garlic, but I am in the minority.

Another thing is that you humans like to think of us as incredibly sexy, handsome creatures, with exceptional talent and insatiable hunger for sex. I don’t want to brag, but that is true. But be careful: Some vampires have been known to kill humans by having so much sex that they forget to eat and starve to death. It is very unfortunate.

Oh, and nothing happens to us in the sunlight. That is just silly. Why would the sun burn us up? That's just a story we tell the kids so they will stay inside and not get discovered by humans.

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Sep 27, 2011
well done
by: Sally

Interesting point of view - I enjoyed reading your story! Send in some more - you're really good!

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