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Pau Wesley

Paul Wesley is from the Vampire Diaries and plays as Stefan Salvatore. I think he has got to be one of the best vampires characters

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Fun facts about vampires

Submitted By: Kayla, New Jersey Vampires hate garlic. By: Matthew, Granby Missouri USA A witch has to spell a ring for a necklace to protect the

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Are there real vampires?

Are there real vampires? Have you ever wondered how to be one? ...

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Vampires? Click here to learn more about these bloodthirsty creatures right now

Vampires - the essential resource. From movies, quotes and TV shows to party supplies, halloween costumes, and more.

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white oak tree

if an original vampire dies (with wood of the white oak tree) the whole bloodline (who's been turned by one of them) die

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The Twilight Series

By now everyone has heard of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series. But, what if you haven't? Who is Bella Swan and Edward Culens? Why are teens and

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